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Which is the right course for me?

Employers have legal obligations to provide staff with first aid training and on 1 October 2009 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) implemented new rules for first aid at work.

All workplaces need to do a First Aid Needs Assessment. The First aid at work course is now a 3 day course and a 1 day Emergency First aid at work course is available. The re-Qualification FAW course is 2 day BUT you must book this within 28 days of the expiry date of your FAW certificate or within 3 months previous to expiry. The annual refresher course is a 3 hour course and is recommended by HSE for you to keep topped up with the basics. First Aid Needs Assessment (employers MUST do this by law).

  • Depends on the nature of your workplace
  • FAW is comprehensive training for ALL organisations; EFAW covers safety, CPR, unconscious casualty, wounds and bleeding, shock, minor injuries, choking and cross infection.
  • The make-up of your workforce e.g. disabled, existing conditions
  • Remote workers need it
  • Shift patterns
  • Multiple offices/workplaces
  • Cover for leave/sickness of first aider
  • Non-employees need including
  • Size is not king..if it is non-manual there should be at least one FAW per 100 employees...manual one FAW per 50..HSE recommend FAW for workforces 50+

"An excellent course, delivered beautifully. I would highly recommend Malcolm and his team to anyone looking for a quality first aid course."

Gary Royle

"A fantastic course, delivered great. Malcolm didn’t rush and made things very simple. I would recommend this course to anyone."

Mathew Warburton, Teaching Assistant, Holy Cross Primary School

"A very interesting and informative course, delivered in a professional and engaging manner."

Carl Jones, Learning Mentor

"Thanks to Malcolm I’ve passed my first aid training. He has made me feel confident in myself to deliver first aid."

Murshad Ullah, Teaching Assistant, Holy Cross Primary School

"The ideal combination of laughter and learning."

Simon Royle, Pilot