A first aid training course being taught in a school

First Aid for Schools
(All prices can be negotiated)

We can deliver our first aid courses to your staff to suit you. We can deliver over full days or part days. E.g. we can deliver EFAW courses 2/3 hours after school each day for 2 days. FAW is a bit more tricky but, if it suited you, we could deliver over a weekend plus one school day. We could certainly fit any of our courses into holiday time or incorporate one of your training days.

So, the courses offered are: First Aid at Work (FAW) 3 day course, FAW Re-Qualification 2 day course, FAW Annual Refresher 3 hour course, Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) 1 day course, Paediatric First Aid (from 2012) 2 day course

First Aid at Work (FAW) HSE Approved

A comprehensive 3 day FAW is for employees intending to act as a First Aider at Work. The course will give you the confidence and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies.

Content: • Accidents and illness • First Aid kit • Record keeping • Unconscious casualty • Heart attacks • CPR • Shock • Choking • Bleeding • Burns and scalds • Poisoning • Fractures • Seizures • Asthma • Severe allergic reaction • Eye injuries • Low blood sugar • Fainting

There is an assessment at the end of this course administered by a qualified FAW assessor

£NEG inc.vat

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) HSE Approved

A comprehensive 1 day course for someone wishing to act as an Emergency First Aider at Work. Employees will gain skills, knowledge and confidence to take charge of a first aid emergency.

Content: • Health and safety (first aid) regulations • Managing an incident • Priorities of First Aid • Unconscious casualty • CPR • Shock • Choking • Bleeding • Seizures • Asthma • Common workplace injuries

Assessment is continuous by the trainer throughout the course

£NEG inc.vat

2 day Re-Qualification FAW (HSE Approved)

The Re-Qualification FAW course open only to those who have an existing FAW certificate. It is a 2 day course BUT you must book this within 28 days of the expiry date of your FAW certificate or within 3 months previous to expiry.

£NEG inc.vat

Annual First Aid Refresher (HSE Approved)

Strongly recommended by the HSE. It is a
3 hour course that up dates people and refreshes their experience and skills.

£NEG inc.vat

Basic Life Support (BLS) Course (3 hours)

We can provide a Basic Life Support (BLS) course (3 hours). This covers:

• Importance of self-protection and use of barriers • Primary Survey • Unconscious Casualties and Recovery Position • Adult CPR • Chain of Survival • Basic Bleeding Control

This could be done at an hourly rate of £90 for groups up to 15. We can train 2 groups of 15 in a day. This course would be especially useful to students undertaking ASDAN, BTEC or sports courses (especially CLSA and JLSA).

£NEG inc.vat

Paediatric First Aid
(2 day course)

Paediatric and Early Years first aid covers the major elements of first aid training such as:

• CPR • Secondary survey • Choking • Allergic reactions • Asthma • Croup • Drowning • Bleeding • Poisoning • Burns • Diabetes • Seizures and Infant Illnesses

It is a TWO day course that meets all OFSTED requirements and Early years Foundation Stage EYFS Practice Guidance. It is an exciting course for any nursery nurse, nursery, infant of primary school teacher as well as child minders and new parents. The qualification lasts for 3 years

£125 inc.vat

Infant and Nursery schools/Early Years Education/ Carers/Foster parents/Adopters/Child Minders

Paediatric First Aid 2 day course is for you.

Primary Schools

We can offer a ‘Sweetlove Training First First Aid’ certificate covering most aspects of emergency aid. This would be at an hourly rate of £75 per hour for groups of up to 15 students at a time. In a day we could train 4 groups at a total cost of £300.

Secondary Schools

• We offer EFAW to Year 12/13 students. We would negotiate a price to suit you.

• Equally, we can offer EFAW to your D of E Gold students. Again, a negotiated price.

We can deliver BLS course for your groups at (the price I quoted you per person) for a qualification lasting 3 years. The course takes 3 hours.