Malcolm delivering a first aid course

About Sweetlove First Aid Training

Director of Sweetlove Training, Malcolm Sweetlove has 32 years experience as a teacher and senior manager in Secondary schools. His communication and interpersonal skills deliver the core purpose and values of the organisation.

Malcolm has been a senior manager and leader in large comprehensive schools throughout the North West of England. Organisation and leadership skills are outstanding. OFSTED commented on his leadership skills as outstanding. Equally, Malcolm has spent his entire classroom teaching career teaching students with very challenging and complex needs. Students with complex and additional needs have to be taught and led in an appropriate, interesting and very stimulating way. Malcolm has been extremely successful in this regard. He brings these and tremendous interpersonal skills to the work that Sweetlove Training does. Indeed, there are two key worries first aid candidates have.

  • They report courses to be dull. Given the above, Sweetlove Training courses are not dull. Malcolm and his team bring scenarios and anecdotes from real life experiences that they have.
  • They report a lack of confidence or a daunting feeling at being able to apply first aid techniques in real life. This is a real difficulty. The solution lies in the excellent teaching of skills and the confidence given to people attending Sweetlove Training courses. Confidence through increased knowledge, skills and practice.

Enthusiastic students keen to learn more about the essentialsMalcolm has, fortunately or unfortunately, performed all the skills taught on the courses in real life. Lives have literally been saved by the expert application of CPR and simple but effective techniques to solve choking are taught. Other casualties have had their recovery enhanced by swift and skilful application of first aid procedures and skills as taught in Sweetlove Training Ltd courses. All courses are HSE approved.

Malcolm Sweetlove has delivered successful, professional and interesting first aid courses for over 25 years.

For schools, there is Malcolm’s excellent teaching skills across the curriculum but also having taught First Aid to students for 25 years. Jim Hall, our assessor has also had over 30 years experience as a very successful teacher in schools.

Being a first aider is very rewarding. The main thing is to have confidence in what you are doing. Courses run by Sweetlove Training Ltd gives you this through the skill, practice and expertise you gain.

All courses are provided in excellent facilities or can be delivered on-site. Sweetlove Training are predominantly based in the North West of England and specifically in the vibrant town of Ramsbottom but our aim is to offer our courses across the UK.

Mike Platt, AssessorMike Platt – Assessor
Mike Platt was deputy headteacher at Blue Coat School for 34 years. He is a brilliant educationalist and knows the assessment process inside out.

The courses offered are for:
The Workplace

"I have done a first aid course before, a few years ago, but this course has been much more informative in every way. Excellent!"

Sharon Sweetlove, Solicitor’s PA

"Well delivered, excellent content. Real life video very good"

Gary Royle, Actor

"Intensive programme with a lot of ground covered over the 3 days. The instructor was very knowledgeable and supportive with clear explanations in all areas. I have become a first aid assessor as a result of this course."

Mike Platt, Marketing Consultant

"Excellent delivery with plenty of practical activities, superb examples from real life, some great video selections to back up our understanding. Very professional, fun and instructive. I have become a first aid assessor as a result of this course."

James Hall, Educational Consultant

"Was the best course for first aid I’ve been on. Easy to understand and the pace was not too fast."

Lisa Lowe, Teaching Assistant, Holy Cross Primary School